About the Journey Planner

The Merseytravel FREE journey planner is a tool to help individuals to plan their journeys to your organisation.

Many organisations have information on their websites to help existing and potential employees, customers and visitors to travel to their site. Websites often contain an address and postcode to assist people to plan their journey by car. Fewer websites have travel information that help people plan their journey if they are travelling by bus, train, cycling and walking.

The Merseytravel FREE journey planner could be the solution for your website!

The planner provides accurate up-to date information to help people plan their journey to your organisation by car, bus, rail, and cycling, as well as any elements of the journey that need to be made by foot. The information that is presented is always up to date without you having to change a thing and is easily uploaded onto your organisations website - you just have to follow 4 simple steps.

If your organisation has multiple sites the tool can be set up so people can choose which site they are travelling to.

To customise and download the FREE journey planning tool onto your website please click here.